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Aug 1, 2016
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Further develop your English proficiency with the Intermediate English Course at Language 121

Deepen your English language skills by combining self-study with our private 1 on 1 lessons with Native Teachers, and interactive quizzes.

In this Intermediate English course, you will extend your vocabulary and further develop your ability to quickly and accurately express yourself in English. We emphasize training that is practical and intuitive. This course is for Intermediate Learners and you will learn at the English B1-B2 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment, or CEFR.

The course is an organic continuation of the ‘Pre-Intermediate Course‘ course.

Intermediate English Course

Course Details

The course consists of 15 lessons (sections). A section begins with 1-3 hours of self-study of preparatory material, depending on your level.

Thereafter, the study material is thoroughly explained, analyzed and discussed during the 60-minute,  one-to-one lesson with your teacher through Skype. A audio recording of each session will be made available to you after the class, so you can download it and review the material discussed.

Each lesson comes with a homework. It can be a combination of quizzes, essays, vocabulary, audio, and writing exercises. Each homework is completed and graded online, and where relevant, you teacher will grade sections in person. During your next lesson, you may ask questions if you have any. In any case, your teacher will provide valuable and individualized feedback on your work.

Intermediate English Course

Section 1Languages, Adverbs & Adjectives
Lecture 1Study Guide
Lecture 2Lesson Material
Section Quiz
Section 2Education, Adjectives, Pronouns & Commas
Lecture 3Study Guide
Lecture 4Lesson Material
Section Quiz
Section 3Work, Colons & Semicolons
Lecture 5Study Guide
Lecture 6Lesson Material
Section Quiz
Section 4Aliens & Pronouns
Lecture 7Study Guide
Lecture 8Lesson Material
Section Quiz
Section 5Humor & Verbs
Lecture 9Study Guide
Lecture 10Lesson Material
Section Quiz
Section 6Fashion & Arts
Lecture 11Study Guide
Lecture 12Lesson Material
Section Quiz
Section 7
Lecture 13Study Guide
Lecture 14Lesson Material
Section 8Media & Propaganda
Lecture 15
Section Quiz
Section 9Citizenship & Dialects
Lecture 16
Section Quiz
Section 10Career
Lecture 17
Section Quiz
Section 11Religion
Lecture 18
Section Quiz
Section 12Choices
Lecture 19
Section Quiz
Section 13Politics
Lecture 20
Section Quiz
Section 14Sexism
Lecture 21
Section Quiz
Section 15The Universe
Lecture 22
Section Quiz